Care for one another

I sent this note to my MIT Libraries family in between talks this morning. It holds for my larger community as well. 

I also call your attention to the words of my colleague KG Schneider and this love letter to libraries from Zoe Fisher. 

And this letter from Duke President. MIT President Reif sent a beautiful note to the MIT community as well but I can’t find it online yet.  

In difficult times, leaders speak. 

My dear friends-

It is very difficult to be away from campus, away from you all today, and away from my family (I am giving talks at the Notre Dame Libraries today).

This election season has been more  divisive than any in recent history, and the results of our Presidential election have left many of us feeling dismayed, scared, and angry.
For those of us in marginalized communities, especially communities that have been targeted for derision, dismissal, and denial of rights by Trump and Pence, there is a heightened sense of vulnerability.

I wish I had reassuring and soothing words to share, but I am at a loss. I want to believe that “the arc of the moral universe … bends toward justice”, but right now it seems only to be long and stalled.
What I do know is that as a community, we can and must care for one another. We must listen to one another with openness and as much empathy as we can muster. 

We must be patient with one another; and when we are able, we must band together to continue to fight for social justice, mutual respect, and care — within our organization, and in our communities.

This work has never been more important, more urgent, or more difficult. And I will be honored to do it with you all.

I will fight for all of you – you each matter dearly to me. Fight for one another please, and care for one another.
All best,

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