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By the numbers playlist

Came up with this idea while sitting in traffic on the way home from Connecticut this weekend: a playlist of songs from my collection with numbers in the title, sequentially, until I run out of songs. For most numbers, I have more than one song, so these are just the ones I picked today.

  1. Give me one reason – Tracy Chapman
  2. Two – Ryan Adams
  3. Those Three Days – Lucinda Williams
  4. Four Winds – Bright Eyes
  5. Five Cups of Coffee -The Jayhawks
  6. Number Six Driver – Eddie from Ohio
  7. Seven Curses – Bob Dylan
  8. Dinner at Eight – Rufus Wainwright
  9. Nine tonight – Bob Seger
  10. Ten Year Night – Lucy Kaplansky
  11. Mornings Eleven – The Magic Numbers
  12. 12 Bellevue – Kathleen Edwards
  13. Thirteen – Elliott Smith
  14. Feb 14 – Drive-By Truckers
  15. Fifteen Keys – Uncle Tupelo
  16. Sixteen Tons – Johnny Cash
  17. Seventeen – Sex Pistols

That’s as far as my personal collections takes me. Guess I should go download some Alice Cooper.

Walkin’ blues


2 essentials for walking: good tunes and good kicks

I started walking recently (goal = 5 miles/day) and I wanted a soundtrack. So here is the lightly curated list of all the songs in my collection with “walk” in the title. For Glen, the obscure Bob Dylan song is sung by Clapton, because I can’t find/don’t have a version of Bob singing “Walk out in the rain”.

Also, apparently Fats Domino had a thing for walking. And if you don’t already have a copy of the Goin’Home: A Tribute To Fats Domino; go ahead and get it.

Walking Devotion Anne McCue
Walk Away Renee Billy Bragg
Long Walk Home Bruce Springsteen
Walkaways Counting Crows
Walk Of Life Dire Straits
No More Walks In The Wood The Eagles
Walkin’ In Jerusalem Eddie From Ohio
Walk out in the Rain Eric Clapton
Walking Wounded Everything But The Girl
Walk Away Franz Ferdinand Walk
Where He Walked Golden Smog
Brother, don’t you walk away The Hooters
Walk Your Valley Indigo Girls
All Walks Of Life The James Cotton Blues Band
Walk Away James Gang
Walking Man James Taylor
She Walks In So Many Ways The Jayhawks
A Long Walk Jill Scott
Taking a Walk John Prine
I Walk The Line Johnny Cash
Walking Away Jonny Lang
Walk On the Wild Side Lou Reed
Walk On Lucinda Williams
Sidewalks Of The City Lucinda Williams
Walking Through Fire Mary Chapin Carpenter
Why Walk When You Can Fly Mary Chapin Carpenter
Walking On Water Melissa Etheridge
Sec Walkin My Morning Jacket
Walk Off The National
Walking To New Orleans Neil Young (on Goin’ Home: A Tribute To Fats Domino)
Walk Like A Giant Neil Young and Crazy Horse
Walkin’ After Midnight Patsy Cline
Walking Dream Patsy Cline
I Want To Walk You Home Paul McCartney (on Goin’ Home: A Tribute To Fats Domino) Angels Walk Paul Westerberg
Walking On The Moon The Police
Walkin’ Blues R.L. Burnside Walkin’ Blues Robert Johnson
Walkin’ Blues Robert Lockwood, Jr.
Take A Little Walk With Me Robert Lockwood, Jr.
Walk This Way Run-DMC Joe Perry and Steven Tyler
Tina Toledo’s Street Walkin’ Blues Ryan Adams
Cakewalk Into Town Taj Mahal
In Walked Bud Thelonious Monk
Walk on the Ocean Toad the wet sprocket
I’m Walkin’ Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers (on Goin’ Home: A Tribute To Fats Domino)
Walk Away Tom Waits
Walken Wilco

[If someone else can figure out how to turn the .m3u file from iTunes into a public playlist, let me know. I tried dumping it into Spotify, but no luck.]

daddy issues: a playlist

Fathers Day (and Mothers Day) is complicated for lots of people. This is a short playlist of songs with lyrics that touch on daddy issues of varying kinds. This is obviously not a feel-good list of songs about daddies. Use the comments to add your own songs that speak to daddy issues in less than conventional ways.

  • Graceland, Paul Simon
    • Only the greatest song about a father-son roadtrip ever written
  • A boy named Sue, Johnny Cash
    • “Well what could I do? What could I do?
      I got all choked up and I threw down my gun
      And I called him my paw, and he called me his son
      And I came away with a different point of view”
  • Maggie’s Farm, obligatory Bob Dylan tune
    • “I ain’t gonna work for Maggie’s pa no more
      No, I ain’t gonna work for Maggie’s pa no more
      Well, he puts his cigar
      Out in your face just for kicks
      His bedroom window
      It is made out of bricks
      The National Guard stands around his door
      Ah, I ain’t gonna work for Maggie’s pa no more.”
  • Enough of Me, Melissa Etheridge
    • “We were all wounded in some domestic war
      I found you to settle my score
      You looked like father
      You felt like mother”
  • The Wrong Thing to Do, Mudcrutch
    • “Well my mamma loved me
      But my daddy don’t
      I’m tryin’ to work it all out
      But I probably won’t”

Mama tried: mothers’ day playlist

Mothers’ day playlist – all the songs in my library with “mama, mom, or mother” in the song title. As usual, it is a decent (for me) mix of rock, folk, country, and blues. And 2 slightly obscure Dylan tunes to keep Glen happy.

Two notes:

  1. I know some of you will argue that the original Mother by Pink Floyd ought to be in here, but a) I guess I don’t have that in my collection, b) you really have to listen to Natalie Maines version.
  2. Not all of these artists are referring to their mother when they sing about ‘mama’. Just sayin’.


  • Call Your Mother                   Johnny Cash
  • God Bless Mom                      The Frames
  • Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby  The Rolling Stones
  • Mama I’m Strange                Melissa Etheridge
  • Mama Tried  Merle Haggard & The Strangers
  • Mama You Sweet                  Lucinda Williams
  • Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean      Susan Tedeschi
  • Mama, You Been On My Mind                     Bob Dylan
  • MamaDaddyDid                    Paul Westerberg
  • Mother                       Natalie Maines
  • Mother                       Shelby Lynne
  • Mother                       Tori Amos
  • Mother Mother          Tracy Bonham
  • Mother’s Lament       Cream
  • Mother’s Little Helper The Rolling Stones
  • Move Over Mama      Justin Townes Earle
  • Oh, Mama, Come Home       Jakob Dylan   The Lost Notebooks Of Hank Williams
  • Rag Mama Rag      The Band
  • Shake Shake Mama   Bob Dylan
  • Single Mothers  Justin Townes Earle
  • Sweet Mama Janisse  Taj Mahal
  • That Was Your Mother         Paul Simon
  • What My Mama Told Me  Junior Wells

Rivers: a playlist

My daily view of the Charles River

My daily view of the Charles River

I live by a river now, and some dear friends just had a new baby named River, so I made a playlist of songs in my library with “river” in the song title. Not a bad set of tunes:

Big River Johnny Cash
Blood Red River Beth Orton
Bottom of the River Delta Rae
Buffalo River Home John Hiatt
Come To The River The Jayhawks
Crystal River Mudcrutch (Tom Petty’s jam band)
Down By the River Neil Young
Drank Like A River Whiskeytown
Ev’ry Wind (In The River) Taj Mahal
Going To The River Robbie Robertson & Galactic (Fats Domino cover)
Green River Creedence Clearwater Revival
Harlem River Blues Justin Townes Earle
How Deep Is That River Mason Jennings
In The Mississippi River Mavis Staples
Kaskaskia River Sufjan Stevens Sufjan Stevens
Let The River Run Carly Simon
The Lonesome River Bob Dylan Feat. Ralph Stanley
Meeting Across the River Bruce Springsteen
Moody River John Fogerty
Red River Shore Bob Dylan
Ride Across The River Dire Straits
Ride The River J.J. Cale & Eric Clapton
River Indigo Girls (gorgeous cover of Joni Mitchell classic)
River Joni Mitchell
River Man Nick Drake
River Song Tom Rush
River’s Invitation The James Cotton Blues Band
Riverman Andrew Duhon
The Rivers Of Babylon [Live] Steve Earle and Emmylou Harris (magical – trust me)
Two Rivers Jeff Beck

Some notes:

  • Glen Worthey once commented that most of my playlists include some lesser-known Dylan tune. I guess Lonesome River qualifies.
  • If you have never listened to the Steve Earle/Emmylou Harris version of Rivers of Babylon, do it now. Thank me later.
  • I discovered Andrew Duhon in a small club in New Orleans several years ago. If you like singer-songwriters who straddle the folk/country/blues borders, you’ll dig this guy.
  • I was surprised there’s no Lucinda on this list. She sings about rivers, just never put “river” in a song title I guess.

Joy playlist

I put together a playlist for our recent MIT Libraries and MIT Press leadership retreat. My unofficial motto since I got here has been “Let’s do great things, and have fun doing them.” In addition, our awesome Associate Director for Research and Instructional Services, Tracy Gabridge, has added “do it with joy” to the charter for some of the projects she is managing. So the playlist for our retreat was based on songs with the word “Joy” in the title.

I had this playing as folks arrived for the retreat and at the breaks, and offered a $50 gift certificate to the MIT Press Bookstore for the first person who guessed the theme.

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pride and Joy

Stevie Ray Vaughan, Pride and Joy

  1. Joy Against Me!
  2. Joyful Girl Ani DiFranco
  3. Road To Joy Bright Eyes
  4. My Joy (7″ Mix) Depeche Mode
  5. Joyful Noise Derek Trucks Band
  6. Joy Iron & Wine
  7. Joy Lucinda Williams
  8. Tears Of Joy Lucinda Williams
  9. Joy Phish
  10. Pride And Joy Stevie Ray Vaughan
  11. Joy To The World The Supremes
  12. Joy Teddy Pendergrass
  13. Let’s Dance to Joy Division The Wombats


my queer butch playlist

My buddy ButchWonders recently posted 20 Songs that Make Me Feel Butch, and it is a great list … but nothing really resonated.

She challenged me to come up with my own list, and I came up with a few before I realized something important. Ever since I got my truck, which is where I listen to most of my music these days, every song makes me feel butch. When I’m driving along in my pick-up truck, looking like I do … I could be singing along to The Spice Girls* and I’d still feel butch.

That said, there are some songs that are queer/butch/genderqueer anthems for me:

The entire Transgender Dysphoria Blues CD by Against Me! is in a class by itself on this list, with the title cut and Black Me Out as my 2 favorites.

The rest in no particular order:

LucyStoners by Amy Ray
Lola by The Kinks
Turn the Page by Bob Seger
Dude Looks like a Lady by Aerosmith
King for a Day by Green Day
Walk on the Wild Side by Lou Reed
Rebel, Rebel by David Bowie
Androgynous by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts

Other great genderqueer song suggestions most welcome.

(* Thanks to Suzy for The Spice Girls suggestion)

Rainy day playlist

Rainy season is coming soon to California and we’re going to need some music:

CD cover from "This is me" by Eddie from Ohio

CD cover from “This is me” by Eddie from Ohio

This week’s playlist … because reasons

Labor Day playlist

Some obvious choices, some maybe not so much. Enjoy.

Minnesac Mills, Philadelphia.  1936 - 1937.  From Lewis Hine Photographs for the National Research Project, compiled 1936 - 1937

Minnesac Mills, Philadelphia. 1936 – 1937. From Lewis Hine Photographs for the National Research Project, compiled 1936 – 1937

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