Too many books about black people

“Why are there so many books about black people?”

This was an actual question asked a few months ago by a student in reference to our book display on “Inspirational People”. And just in case the question is not troubling enough on its own, the answer is that the books still on display were the ones no one had checked out.

That’s right … the selection of books available for this student was “too black” for his tastes because his classmates had gotten there first and checked out most of the white books. Just let that sink in.

Something about recent reactions by some people to scholarships or hiring/recruiting practices that target members of underrepresented groups made me decide it was time to share this little story.

Funny* how some people only notice the composition of things (collections, occupations, conferences, scholarships ) when there are “too many” people of color, and/or women, and/or gays.

* By “funny” I mean not the least damn bit funny.

2 Responses to “Too many books about black people”

  1. 1 Anonymous November 26, 2013 at 10:57 am

    And another take on the concept: why do so many books (I’m thinking young adult fiction here) that feature non-white protagonists have illustrations of white or whitewashed people on the cover?


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