What to write when you are officially supposed to write?

I’m both honored and a bit nervous to start my 1 year stint as a NITLE Fellow this month.

NITLE Fellows provide broad analysis, strategic insight, encouragement, and a little provocation to the liberal arts community. Hailing from both within and outside higher education, these thought leaders connect NITLE and its members to broad understandings of digital technology and its impact, pointing to ways both can be understood. They help NITLE keep an eye on the big picture, revealing paths towards a strong future for liberal education and providing critical support to the NITLE mission.

Thought leader? Really? I kinda hate that term. I’ll cop to being a leader who has some thoughts, but the term thought leader is just way too elitist for me. Plus it conjures up disturbing images of lemurs* and such.
But analysis, insight, encouragement and a little provocation? Sure, that sounds good. I’ve been known to do a little of that from time to time. Although I have to admit that now that I’m expected to do so–like officially and all–it feels a bit daunting. I’m pretty sure my best tactic will be to play to my strengths and stick to topics I’m passionate about. So, you can expect me to use the NITLE platform to continue to rail against the corporatization of higher education, and to challenge us to think critically about gender and sexism, especially in libraries. I may also use the opportunity to flesh out some thoughts around how thinking about libraries as a Public Good might (should?) affect how we do things at the institutional and the national level.
Anything else y’all think I should write about?

* Ah crap. I meant lemmings. You know, the ones who follow each other off cliffs and stuff. Obviously one topic I will avoid is the animal kingdom.

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