Cats and books

I predict that with that tweet, Joyce Carol Oates provided the opening presentation slide for at least 50% of ALA presentations this summer. I further predict that 75% of those presentations will use it ironically (librarians are so ironic), and 25% will use it earnestly (we are also a very earnest bunch).

If anyone has a good public domain or CC-licensed photo of Joyce Carol Oates with a cat (and a book) in her lap, let me know. I have a presentation I’m working on.

(Edited to add: Thanks to @joshhonn for alerting me to the Writers and Kitties tumblr)

Joyce Carol Oates & cat

Joyce Carol Oates & cat, from

Happy Friday.

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  • @booksNyarn good assumption 32 minutes ago
  • my job title is Director, not Dean, not Vice Provost, etc. So I sometimes get addressed as "Director Bourg" .. which sounds weird 33 minutes ago
  • @JMarkOckerbloom Oh, I like that. Maybe I could comment with "I agree Aunt X, I too hope the police show restraint." 43 minutes ago
  • i feel some kinda obligation to engage on FB (esp'ly w/ relatives), but all i got today for them is "WTF? Are you f*ing serious?" 53 minutes ago
  • i was really trying not to be all judgy abt what ppl are gonna go off on; but then folks on FB calling & praying for restraint .. 56 minutes ago


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