Riverwalk Jazz: A collaboration success story

Screenshot of Riverwalk Jazz website

Screenshot of Riverwalk Jazz website

We recently announced the release of nearly 400 hours of streaming audio from the Jim Cullum Riverwalk Jazz collection, made possible through a series of exceptionally effective collaborations.
Stanford’s Archive of Recorded Sound is clearly the ideal location for the Riverwalk Jazz collection for several reasons. First, we are already home to a rich collection of jazz, including the Monterey Jazz Festival collection. Second, we have the experience and expertise needed to realize Jim Cullum’s vision of providing a publicly accessible stream of the Riverwalk Jazz radio show archives. Finally, Jim Cullum and his band have ties to Stanford, having participated in Stanford’s annual summer Jazz workshop from 1994-2004.
When we acquired the Riverwalk Jazz collection in September of 2011, we agreed to make the 400+ hours of Riverwalk Jazz radio programming available via audio streaming to the public by January of 2013. Accomplishing that goal required not only close collaboration with the Riverwalk Jazz organization, but also collaboration across units within the Stanford Libraries.
Jerry McBride, our Head of the Music Library and the Archive of Recorded Sound, took the lead on the project; working closely with Hannah Frost, Services Manager of the Stanford Digital Repository and Stanford Media Preservation Lab. Mimi Calter, our Chief of Staff and internal copyright guru, was an essential player in bringing this project to fruition as well. Franz Kunst served as the processing archivist for the collection.
The project turned out to be the quintessential hybrid project, blending traditional library skills and experts with the expertise of digital library professionals. The physical collection was processed and we created a finding aid, and developed and applied metadata to the items in the collection. Library staff in our Media Preservation Lab worked alongside staff in the Archive of Recorded Sound to produce the digital audio stream and develop the website. The development of a radio style streaming audio interface for this collection represents a very exciting achievement that we hope to exploit for other audio collections.
For more detail about the collection and the project, see Hannah Frost’s excellent blog post: A Steady Stream of Riverwalk Jazz. For a wonderful celebration of how the acquisition and public delivery of this collection is part of what make our Archive of Recorded Sound “a growing powerhouse of jazz archives”, see Traditional Jazz, 24/7, Free.

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