There is no such thing as a dressy baseball cap

Unless you are Hillary Clinton; no baseball caps with suits, please. (From

Unless you are Hillary Clinton; no baseball caps with suits, please. (From

My buddy ButchWonders does a monthly round-up of interesting search terms, and it is always pretty amusing. Here at Feral Librarian, the vast majority of search terms used by folks who wind up here are pretty mundane: “academic libraries”, “is google making us stupid”, “harvard library transition”, “what is browsing”, “feral librarian”, etc.

But my What does Suit Up mean for this butch? and my Suit Up: Some free advice on interviewing for a librarian job posts have drawn in some folks with unusual search terms this year. For your amusement, here are some of my personal favorites, along with my responses:

  1. what’s a dressy baseball cap to wear with a suit?: A bad idea.
  2. men’s white dress pants in charleston: Yes, you will see them. Ignore them. It’s a southern thing.
  3. what shall a butch wear for a party: A butch shall wear whatever attire matches her style and the occasion. She shall also RSVP promptly, she shall bring a host/hostess gift, and she shall definitely write a thank you note afterwards.
  4. grey and orange suit: Doesn’t sound good. Especially without a dressy baseball cap.
  5. how to dress professionally for queer women: A nice business suit is fine, but most of the queer women I know prefer that you dress casually for us.
  6. “wearing a men’s suit” my husband: Plenty of husbands wear men’s suits. I wouldn’t worry about it. Just hide his baseball caps on the days he will be wearing a suit.
  7. black with orange tie suits for men: Only OK in October, either on the 31st and/or when the Giants are playing.

2 Responses to “There is no such thing as a dressy baseball cap”

  1. 1 Caitlin Bourg December 11, 2012 at 9:51 pm

    The white pants one is my favorite!


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