I’m a Z-eliever

screen shot of Facebook status, Oct 10

I was just 9 days early in my prediction.

Sully of Sully Baseball claims that anyone who thought Barry Zito would pitch like that last night is a liar. Wrong. I never stopped Z-elieving. I just predicted last night’s game a bit early.

I am one of those fans who always believes my team is going to win. It is a choice about how I want to approach my obsession with 3 sports teams: the San Francisco Giants, the Duke men’s basketball team, and the Stanford basketball team (see what I did there?). Every year, I predict that each of my teams will win it all. 2010 was ever so close to the trifecta for me.

Let me be clear — I am no band-wagon fan. I didn’t pick these teams because they are frequent contenders.  I picked them because they are (or were) my home team. I arrived at Duke in 1983, when most of the community was ready to fire Coach K.  Then in 1986, it all came together for a magical year … until the end. I still remember what it felt like when the buzzer sounded and our magic year ended (Hint: It SUCKED!).

I came to Stanford in 1998, the year that Stanford became the first and still only #1 seed to lose in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I finally forgave Harvard after they hired my classmate Tommy Amaker to coach their men’s team.

I became a Giants fan when I moved out here in 1998, and we’ve made the postseason just 5 times since then. But I promise you that every year I believe we will win the World Series, and I believe that Duke and Stanford will win the National Championship. I know that means I’m disappointed often, but it is the promise of winning that makes watching so wonderful. And the thrill of victory is so much sweeter when you believed in it all along … at least for me.

me, Barry Zito, Diane

Z-elievers since 2008

So I promise you, Sully, I am not lying when I said that I believed that Barry Zito would pitch the game of his life last night –I’m a Z-eliever!

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