My “working on budgets” playlist

Patti Smith, with red guitar

Patti Smith, from flickr user Espacio CAMON

I love music, and I love making playlists. The thing is, I am tone-deaf (although my boss doesn’t actually believe in the concept of tone-deaf, and says I am “tone-lazy”). Being tone-deaf/lazy means I actually pay a bit more attention to lyrics than to musical things I do not understand (stuff like melody, chords, range, notes, etc.). So, my playlists tend to be lyrically thematic and pretty literal.

Although I already have a kick-ass Getting Things Done playlist, I decided this week that I needed a playlist specifically for those dreaded “working on budget spreadsheets” days.

Without further ado, here are my selections (with thanks to @cseeman, @cynicalgrrl, and ‏‏@scilibchica.) Add your own in the comments, please.

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