More Library as Icon: Sports edition

Keith Price is getting hit harder than the library during finals week in Palo Alto. #Stanford — From @DylanScottLTD on Twitter

I wrote earlier about how I love it when it becomes clear that the library is an icon on campus and is a central part of the Stanford experience. What I neglected to address is how often “the library” gets invoked (often sarcastically) during sporting events. As the Stanford football team has risen to prominence in the last few years (GO CARDINAL!), there seems to have been a corresponding increase in the number of times the library gets mentioned in social media and on sports radio and TV. Apparently one of the announcers made a crack about Stanford students “storming the library” after we beat USC earlier this season.

Stanford students at football game

Stanford students at football game, from flickr user aefitzhugh. Captioned: “It is only a matter of minutes before they learn that studying in the library might be more exciting.”

I love that “the library” gets invoked as a kind of short-hand way to stereotype Stanford kids as geeks. The combination of an excellent academic reputation and a top-notch Division I football team is rare enough in higher education (I should know) that the fact that Stanford kids “are smart” or “have high SAT scores” gets mentioned pretty regularly when Stanford teams compete on the national stage. And often enough, “the library” is part of that conversation. I do know that my twitter search for mentions of “Stanford and library” turns up all kinds of gems during football season:

Stanford if you dont at least cover the spread Ill burn your library down Jack Black style #YouBetterNotYouBetterNot From @FeldyMaizeNBlue on Twitter

My all-time favorite Stanford sports & Library connection, though, comes from Stanford basketball stand-out and current assistant coach, Kate Paye:

“I’d probably work in the Stanford Library if they’d let me.”

Dear Kate: If you are reading this, please contact me — I’m sure we could find something for you!

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