Library as icon

Stanford Band outside the Bing Wing of Green Library. Photo by Chris Bourg.

I love it when it becomes obvious that the library is a true campus icon and is central to the Stanford experience. That happened to us last week when the library was included in a Sonic Scavenger Hunt held during New Student Orientation week.

Last Friday afternoon, eight Stanford University freshmen from Larkin Hall trooped into the quiet-as-a-hush Lane Reading Room in Green Library on a quest – to find a book and slam it shut.

It was one of a dozen sound samples – and visual images – they had been instructed to collect around campus and record into MadPad, a mobile music app, during the first “Sonic Scavenger Hunt” held during New Student Orientation.
From Hunting and gathering on the Farm – sounds and images that is.

The library is also a frequent stop for the water polo team and the infamous Stanford Band when those groups do spirit runs around and through various campus hot-spots. And, of course, we play a crucial role in Big Game week every year.

Beat Cal banner at Meyer Library

Beat Cal banner at Meyer Library. Photo by Linda Cicero / Stanford News Service

Admittedly, book-slamming and hordes of Speedo-clad students rushing through the library can be momentarily disturbing to our otherwise studious patrons. To my mind, though, that is a small price to pay to remain a key campus icon, included in scavenger hunts, spirit runs, pranks, and even the occasional party.

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