New look for Feral Librarian

Just in case anyone is paying attention:

I gave the blog a make-over today. I decided to switch to WordPress’ new “Vigilance” theme because I like the cleaner look. I also decided I wanted a header image that went with the Feral concept. Since I didn’t feel like going out to find feral cats to photograph, I searched for “feral cats” among the Creative Commons licensed photos on Flickr and decided on this shot of a feral cat colony somewhere in Wisconsin.

Update 3/17/09: Found an image I like better from Feral Cat Friends.

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  • @jvinopal @olinj started reading this in the middle and was hoping for some metaphor about fighting nazis via immunization/punching 1 hour ago
  • with @librarycourtney at the helm and folks like @kgs on the team, I have confidence the ALA ED search committee will do us proud. 1 hour ago
  • @wrk2lib my perspective is limited, but that's not the case in research libraries and some suggest trend is in direction of "or equivalent" 1 hour ago
  • @wrk2lib I appreciate your take and agree on your alt option. My only quibble is the assertion that MLS is currently req's for all prof jobs 1 hour ago
  • @joanpdx you just made my day!! 1 hour ago

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