Sample Library Blog guidelines

I have been asked a few times about what kind of blogging guidelines we have for our library blog, so I decided to post some information here.

We established 5 Categories for blog posts:

    Book Reviews (haven’t used this one yet)
    Collection Highlights
    Higher Ed News
    News & Events

In addition, I provided the following guidelines:

All blog entries should relate to the Stanford Libraries in some way. For example, if we blog about a Film Festival on campus, we should include links to the films and/or related films/books that we hold in our collection.
If we blog about something in Higher Ed news, try to include something about what Stanford is doing related to the news item. Always include links to any library resources mentioned in your blog post.

Some examples of posts about non-Library events or topics that connect the event/topic to our collections:

    Great Chicago Fire of 1871
    Justice Anthony Kennedy selected as 2009 Commencement Speaker
    Google & the Future of Books

By blogging about non-library topics in this way, we hope to communicate the relevance of the library and our resources to events and topics of broader interest to our community.

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