Librarians as recruiters

A great, personal story about the importance of librarians:

I recently took my daughter (a high school junior) on a trip to visit a couple of college campuses. I was thrilled that she wanted to visit the library at both campuses. At both libraries, we introduced ourselves as visitors and noted that my daughter was considering applying to their school.

At College #1, the librarians very kindly answered our questions (how many books could be checked out at one time, what are the hours, food/drink policies, etc.).

At College #2, the librarian not only answered our questions, but asked my daughter all sorts of questions (what do you want to major in, what other schools are you looking at, etc.); and took plenty of time to show off the library webpage, databases, etc. She told us what a great school it was and that she had worked there for 10 years and loves it.

At the end of the trip, my daughter said she thinks the faculty are probably a lot friendlier and more helpful at College #2. When I asked why she thought that (we did not meet any faculty), she said “Because the librarian was so helpful and friendly. It makes me think all the faculty will be that helpful.”uncle-sam-wants-you

A great reminder about the impact librarians can have, and about our role as representatives and recruiters/ambassadors for our institutions.

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