Writing in the age of distraction

Lots of good tips in Cory Doctorow’s essay Writing in the Age of Distraction.

My favorite quote is “The single worst piece of writing advice I ever got was to stay away from the Internet because it would only waste my time and wouldn’t help my writing.”  I guess Cory doesn’t buy Nick Carr’s argument that Google is making us stupid (neither do I).

His advice on research is compelling too:  “Don’t research: Researching isn’t writing and vice-versa. When you come to a factual matter that you could google in a matter of seconds, don’t.”  It sort of turns the usual process of research first, write later on its head … and I think for creative writing, and for looking up quick facts, it makes sense.

1 Response to “Writing in the age of distraction”

  1. 1 eBookGuru January 9, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    Why would the Internet make you stupid? When you have most of humanity’s knowledge at your fingertips, I can’t possibly see how that would be a bad thing. I completely disagree with Nick Carr’s argument.



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