Google Books settlement and InterLibrary loan burdens

Interesting bits from the GBS settlement:

Until now, we’ve only been able to show a few snippets of text for most of the in-copyright books we’ve scanned through our Library Project. Since the vast majority of these books are out of print, to actually read them you’d have to hunt them down at a library or a used bookstore…This agreement will allow us to make many of these out-of-print books available for preview, reading and purchase in the U.S.

This is good news for many reasons.  It is an especially welcome development for those of us on the receiving end of endless requests from individuals around the world who want to borrow a book from us that they found on GBS; or who want us to send them just a few pages of a book.  Many of these out-of-print books don’t circulate– so we can’t send them out on Interlibrary Loan; and we aren’t staffed to handle the photocopying/scanning requests (mostly for the 3 pages that have references to someone’s great-grandmother).  Rather than leaving the patron in the frustrating situation of finding a book they want (that came from Stanford), but then learning that there is no practical way for them to get it; this settlement provides a means for individuals to access the content they find.

From Google’s explanation of the Google Book Settlement.  The full settlement is also publically available.

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