Daily dose of technology neccessary?

The 21st-Century Campus: Are We There Yet? is an interesting report based on an online survey of 401 college students, 305 faculty, and 301 IT executives.

39% of students want the ability to chat with professors, which seems easy enough. The follow-up question that was not asked is “When do you want to chat with your professors?” While there is evidence that students will use IM during regular office hours, I imagine they would really like to be able to IM their professor at 2am the night (morning) before a paper is due.

One other dubious “finding” is that “Even professors who have access to technology in every class do not use it in every class.” I’m not convinced that using technology in every class is de facto a good thing. When the use of technology contribute to or enables class goals, then use it. But let’s not use technology just to say we did. My experience is that a low-tech class discussion can often be a very effective classroom strategy.

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