Libraries vs. IT Departments

I just listened to Tech Therapy Episode 33: Libraries vs. IT Departments:

Librarians and IT staff might share more similarities than they would like to admit. Scott Carlson and Warren Arbogast, Tech Therapy’s hosts, talk about the rift between the two groups.

While not a complete waste of 13 minutes, the hosts do admit at the end that they have no take-away points. They basically just list differences and similarities between libraries/librarians and IT departments/staff.
There were 2 tidbits I found interesting. They start off by casting the differences as basic gender differences, based on demographics of the 2 professions. I’m not a big fan of gender difference theories anyway, and I think it is particularly off-base here. Surely there are other variables that have more explanatory power at work here (age comes to mind).
The other interesting nugget was their assertion that only 3 professions refer to their clients as users: Librarians, IT Staff, and Drug Dealers.

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