Google still not making us stupid

Nick Carr’s Is Google Making us Stupid article continues to get a fair amount of attention. I recommend taking a look at the Edge discussion and the Encyclopedia Britannica discussion.

Lorcan Dempsey notes that his struggles are not with sustained reading, but with sustained writing. As I said in Google is not making us stupid, I really don’t think this struggle is anything new, and I think blaming the internet or Google is a red herring. Writers have always taken extraordinary measures to separate themselves from the distractions of regular life so that they could concentrate on writing.
I will concede that it does seem to take an extra dose of self-discipline to really “unplug” for the kind of sustained concentration needed to write. Since most of us write on our laptops, the lure of online distractions is right there. But that challenge is not the same as Carr’s assertion that excessive “Googling” rewires our brains, rendering us incapable of sustained concentration. I still think that argument is a hollow one.

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