Buy a paper for the bus driver

Marguerite hybrid shuttle bus

Buy a NY Times for your bus driver! Photo credit: Deyra N. Rodriguez

One of the CalTrain workers on my usual train was complaining last week that he never gets to read the paper any more. Now that everyone reads their news on their phones, tablets, or e-readers; there are fewer copies of paper newspapers left on the train for him to read.  Folks working on public transit are generally not allowed to use their own mobile devices during work; but they are allowed to read a newspaper during down times.

I thought this was an interesting unintended consequence of the decline of print news. So, if you think we are all better off when everyone is well-informed, buy a print newspaper for your bus driver, your CalTrain conductors, your Bart drivers, etc.

(You do use public transit, right?)

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  • @bookscout not necessarily. we've certainly had ppl come from tt positions at institutions like yours & I don't hear too many complaints 35 minutes ago
  • RT @mjgiarlo: Glad to see that my org. at work (Information Technology Services) has now put an anti-bullying policy into effect: http://t.… 36 minutes ago
  • @bookscout yes. and its possible (even at institutions not like mine) to pay professionals who work in HE well w/o calling everyone faculty 41 minutes ago
  • @bookscout again - not an issue here. So defly within the realm of possible. 44 minutes ago
  • @bookscout compensation is another issue i would like to see disentangled from tenure/fac status. 56 minutes ago


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